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New Orleans native Georgette Dunn (@GeorgetteJedik) joins us on the podcast to discuss the Vikings-Saints matchup from a "behind enemy lines" perspective and talk a little cajun non-sense as well.

Cajun nonsense on the levels on:
-Her thoughts on the Adrian Peterson situation as a Southern mother
-Did the Vikings "Get it Right"?
-Supporting the TEAM
-The Bandwagonness of Saints fans (Seahawks fans ain't got norhin' on em)
-Team Cassel of Team Teddy?
-When (if) Teddy Bridgewater should start
-The Saints Defense Sucks
-How to tailgate in the South
-Stopping Drew Brees, Brandin Cooks, the Remnants of Marcus Colston, and G's BF Jimmy Graham
-Andy predicts the Vikings win 75-69 (PURELY for Fantasy reasons)
-Andy gets Georgette on the No-Fly List. #HomelandSecurity
-Word Association
-An Interesting Side Effect of Katrina
-Waffle House: You Complete Me
-Oyster po Boy Love
-"Make Em Say Ughhhh" was one of our Prom songs
-One of us lives near Lil Wayne
-"Gone with the Wind" was NOT set in New Orleans
-G's favorite song is "Stand Up and Get Crunk"
-G's STONE COLD HOT TAKE: Hint - She Loves Brian Hoyer
-The Gauntlet
-G's Mardi Gras Story (It involves a horse)
-Andy knows where Picayune is because of Jonathan Bender

We TRY to keep it Football football related as we already said our piece in previous episodes Goodbye, Adrian and The Seven Vikings Fans You Meet During The AP Situation, but hard not to touch on why your best player is (rightfully) not on the field this week or for the entire season in all likelyhood.

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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