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The Minnesota Vikings shocked the world controlling and defeating the Greasy Grimy Green Bay Packers Sunday 28-22 at Lambeau Field. Here are the Winners and Losers from the game.

• (1:59) Vikings-Packers Recap
• (10:40) Vikes go on a run?
• (18:40) Message for #TankForTrevor Peeps
• (24:53) Not Trading Thielen
• (29:51) Trade for Desmond King II
• (36:06) Trade for Trace McSorley
• (43:37) Three 1sts for Trevor Lawrence?
• (50:55) Will the Vikings "Osweiler" Kirk?
• (57:15) Vikings coaching candidate: Brian Schottenheimer
• (66:09) Bama QB Mac Jones Draft Profile

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