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The Minnesota Fightin' Vikings came up short in a shootout with the Los Angeles Rams of Anaheim Thurday night. The storyline of the evening, and the season for that matter, is what is going on with the once vaunted Zimmer Hellfire Defense?

Today's Purple Talkers Include:
• What the Hell Happened to the Zimmer Hellfire Defense?
• DeFilippo and Cousins are Heating Up
• The Mandatory Offensive Line Talking Point
• Adam Thielen is a Warrior
• Hello, Aldrick Robinson
• Barr and Kendricks Have Been Liabilities This Year
• The Secondary is a Primary Issue
• The Refs.......
• Odds N' Ends
• Twitter Qs

All that and more "Philly Philly Philly" chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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