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Hey Purple FTW! Fans. I've got a new project called (narcissistically enough) The Andy Carlson Show. It's a 5-day a week podcast where I talk about Sports... And other stuff.

So if you enjoy my mediocrity here, enjoy my mediocrity there by checking out the site and subscribing on iTunes.


Valentine's Day came and went and ironically the sports news was hot and heavy over the weekend too. I recap the goings on in Five Things as well as give the low-down on what The Wife and I did over the weekend (get your mind out of the gutter). Also Jensen's in Eagan is #Elite.

Today's Five Things Are
• Peyton Manning's Tainted Legacy?
• Minnesota State Dance This Weekend - Go Austin Packer Dance Team!
• Wolves Dominate NBA All-Star Weekend
• Minnesota Wild Fired Mike Yeo. Now What?
• Emmitt Smith Says Adrian Peterson Only Player Who Can Break His Record

An Andy Carlson Joint

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