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Math is hard. That's why we brought Brad Davis (@DeltaBCDad) on the show to breakdown his three-part statistical analysis at Vikings Territory on the likelihood of Adrian Peterson's decline as a running back. 30-years old has been the standard age cliff for NFL RBs, but does the data suggest that Adrian will follow the trend or buck it? (No matter which team he's on)

We get into the numbers with Brad as well as talk recent offseason moves as the Minnesota Vikings, not just the NFL, have become a year round sport. #VikingsTwitter may be upset with the lack of free agent action and Jennings being cut, but the Vikings are building for beyond 2015 -- not loading up for a one year Super Bowl or bust push (ala 2009).

Teddy's the face of the franchise and hopefully will have a decade+ of success here in Minnesota. It makes sense to build a young team with him rather than fill the cap with bloated veteran contracts in an attempt to "win" free agency. Ask the Buccaneers how that worked out last year...

Other Mike "William" Wallace talking points include:
• Rick Spielman does. Not. Give. An Eff.
• Mike Wallace traded to the Vikings
• Greg Jennings: Yee Gon
• The Vikings are building for BEYOND 2015
• Missing out on Michael Johnson
• Adrian flies commercial
• Cardinals in the #TradrianPeterson derby?
• Winning Free Agency does not equal success
• Brad Davis - What was the genesis of the Adrian statistical analysis?
• Why should this trilogy interest Vikings fans?
• Standard logic says the year off will help Adrian. Legit?
• The 4 Metrics of RB Success: Yards per carry, WPA, DD, and APA
• Why were the other 33 RBs chosen for the analysis?
• What RB most resembles Adrian metrics wise?
• What do the numbers show: Decline or No Decline?
• The Gauntlet
• Does Brad agree with Rick Spielman's laid back approach to FA?
• Given the choice: Jennings or Wallace?
• Over/Under 1.5 Super Bowl wins for Teddy Bridgewater as the Vikings QB?

All of this and other “when did they start using letters in math” shenanigans on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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