Purple FTW! Podcast

Claire Mullins (@theclairebear23) of NFLFemale.com stops by to chat Houston Texans, football, & life in general.

Topics include (but are not limited to):
Bill O'Brien
-The Awesomeness of Adrian Peterson
-The Suckitude of Matt Schaub
-The Gloriousness of Waffle House
-The Unappreciated of Andre Johnson
-The Namaste of Arain Foster
-The Amazeballsness of JJ Watt
-The Laziness of JD Clowney
-The Sexiness of Teddy Bridgewater
-The Vegasness of Johnny & Gronk
-The Dominance of Lindsey Duke > Sam Ponder
-The Hall of Famedness of Garrett Graham
-The Cursedness of #8 for the Texans
-The Joys of Game of Thrones & Pantera (simultaneously)
-The Difficulty of Ordering a Sierra Mist in the South
-The Bum Phillipness of Bum Phillips
-And probably a lot more!

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