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The Vikings host the Falcons Sunday and Ted Glover (@purplebuckeye) of The Daily Norseman stopped by to preview the matchup between the Teddy Bridgewater led Purple People Eaters vs the Dirty Birds from the Dirty South.

All of the Episode 66 Goodness Entails:
-Why Ted is in Germany
-Ted survives the DN comment section
-1998 Vikings Memories (Blacked out memories?)
-Positives from the Saints Loss
-Teddy Bridgewater Time. Let's do this
-Why Teddy should breed hope for the Vikings
-Offensive Line Issues
-WTH happened to Matt Kalil?
-Vlad Ducasse is David Dixon
-Austin Wentworth (877-SACK-NOW) (via Eric Thompson)
-Charlie Johnson is the 3rd best OL right now. Let that sink in.
-Kyle Rudolph: Injured and Invisible
-The Defense is Improved
-Heat coming from all directions
-But Robert Blanton can't cover TEs
-How the Atlanta Falcons can get got.
-McKinnon Involvement. Need Mas
-Teddy loves his TEs
-If Jarius Wright could come out of Witness Protection, that would be great.
-Hester vs Cordarrelle: Kick Return Shootout
-Ted's STONE COLD HOT TAKE (Hint: It concerns "That Team Up North")
-I'm aware that "Roasting Dirty Birds" means something else entirely in England.

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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