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Back from Vegas and chatted it up with Dayna O'Gorman, the Official Seattle Seahawks Fan Reporter for NFL Female and host of the NFL Female Podcast.

Chat included info nuggets like:
-Her thoughts on the Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl Run
-Russell Wilson - Franchise QB
-The Legion of BOOM
-Earl Thomas is a poor man's Harrison Smith
-Pete Carroll is a Motivational Genius
-John Schneider is a Genius
-Matt Hasselbeck is a punk
-Darrell Bevell is my home boy
-Super Bowl XL Pain
-Tarvaris Jackson. Underrated
-Percy Harvin - Beast
-Poison Pills - Hutch & Burleson
-Season opening rematch of "The Fail Mary" aka The Very Accurate and Correct Call Game
-Their interview with Chris Kluwe
-The Best BBQ in Kansas City
-Bandwagon Fans
-Kevin Williams and his impact in 2014
-AJ Jefferson is terrible
-Dayna Like Prince
-Sporting KC is the greatest team in the MLS
-The MLS consists of more than 4 teams
-The Los Angeles Sparks are not an MLS team
-Cordarrelle Patterson and his greatness
-Verruckt at Schlitterbahn Waterpark

All that and more shenanigans on Episode 44 of the Purple FTW! Podcast.

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An Andy Carlson Joint.

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