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Arif Hasan, the Editor of Vikings Territory & Cover 32-Vikings, stopped in and dropped Hot Fire Takes like Dylan (Dylan. Dylan, Dylan, & Dylan).

Hot Fire Takes like:
-Percy Harvin Retrospective
-2014 Draft Thoughts
-Rick Spielman Love
-Mike Zimmer/Norv Turner Analysis. Also WTH is George Edwards?
-Why does Chad Greenway suck?
-The Left Guard Spot (dun dun dun)
-Josh Robinson & the Defensive Backfield
-The Defensive Line Rotation
-Arif explains soccer to me. World Cup (USA! USA! USA!)
-Mike Priefer Report dropping soon. What does it mean for Priefer, the Vikings, & Chris Kluwe?
-30 for 30: Factory of Sadness
-How much Arif sleeps per night (Spoiler: Not a lot)
-Cordarrelle Patterson love.

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An Andy Carlson Joint.

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