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The NFL season is on us like white on rice. We're still three days away from our Minnesota Fightin' Vikings taking on the San Francisco 4ers (the 9 retired) Monday night at the Field of Jeans, home of Super Bowl Fitty. To get a dual perspective, we got Vincent Frank (@VincentFrankNFL) of eDraft, Sportsnaut, and Forbes to stop by and drop some Niner knowledge on us as well as Arif Hasan's weekly spot.

Other "The O-Line is Shakier Than a Subpar Pizza Buffet" Talkers Include
• John Sullivan on IR DFR. What does it mean for the o-line?
• Jarius Wright got PAID
• Vikings San Francisco Memories!
• Vincent Frank Talks 49ers
  -What the hell happened the the Niners?
  -Aldon Smith needs help. Ahmad Brooks is a shady dude.
  -What will Tomsula be?
  -Carlos Hyde will become an elite NFL running back.
  -What is a Jarryd Hayne?
  -Can Kaepernick take the next step?
  -Vincent: Adrian will break the single season rushing record in 2015
  -Kaep or Teddy, RIGHT NOW?
  -Niners win on Monday if ________?       
• Arif Hasan for his regular Friday spot
  -What was Arif's nickname growing up?
  -Weight of the Sully injury
  -How will Jeremiah "Amish Paradise" Sirles fit in?
  -Wright was paid why?
  -Vikings have the fastest WR corp in the league
  -Roster breakdown. Surprises?
  -Adrian. Game One. What to expect?
  -Any surprises from Teddy & Norv during the regular season? #VikingsPistol
  -Vikings win on Monday if ________?
• Hypothetical: What 5 NFL figures do you want with you on a desert island?
• Four episode week next week!
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All that and other "See You In Santa Clara" nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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